Hardware Building: Getting the Guts installed

So far its been relatively straight forward (but I wouldn’t say easy) getting all the pieces in place.

The projector was a bit of a surprise as I hadn’t counted on the projector lens being tilted. I guess you really never know these things until you are trying them out for real. I had planned to mount the projector in the center of the box but alas, the only place I could mount it was as close the one of the sides as possible. Thank goodness for the keystoning feature or else I would have had to actually cut into the box itself.

The other thing is that I realize that my IR illuminators are not strong enough to get through the Rosco Grey, which by the way gives are really nice even projection. Sweeter than honey 🙂

I guess I need to shop around for some stonger illuminators… we’ll see what happens.

side view of table

side view of table

back view with the door hatch open

back view with the door hatch open


~ by fighterfish on April 3, 2009.

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