Filtering through the Research

our research wall separated by location

our research wall separated by location

We sat down and started exchanging stories about our research experiences and started extracting specific themes and commonalities that we had observed our week in Stockholm Feb 2nd-6th /09.

One such theme we noticed that all locations seem to share was that of Structure, we noticed that allt he locations we visited were very structured in the way they conducted activities. I would even say that the locations were often a bit bland by design or unassumingly decorated. No bright colours on the walls and only objects that seemed relevant to the activites were present.

Time was also another common theme or concept that all locations seemed to want to work with. This can be expanded to include patience and waiting for you turn when playing collaborative games with other classmates.

working to identify themes in the research

working to identify themes in the research

Learning always included some form of motivation, for some it came in the form of a reward such as a frozen snack while others it was verbal approval.

Another interesting and common theme were the transitions between activities, some locations seemed to have real talent for transitioning from one activity to the next so as not to break the concentration of the the group by keeping a dynamic atmosphere.

Tangible Objects/Games: Particularly caught my attention and was widely shared among locations. All teachers used various obects, toys, books, drawings etc… as re-enforcers for communication or story-telling. I can see some possible design opportunities here where are multiple touch device, combined with a Tangible User Interface (TUI) can have an impact on solidfying desired priniciples or themes identified above.

matching pictures with small stories to help share in the research

matching pictures with small stories to help share in the research

Generalization and Abstractions: This came up a few times. It was said that often the teachers tried to work with these principles because they are tricky concepts to grasp for both people with Downs and Austism.

Speech: Again something that is worked on but not necessarily the forming of words but more sounds at early ages. Some of the games played were developed specifically to help build muscles in the mouth and throat to support speech and make it easier to articulate sounds.


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