Micro Application: Proto 05

voice activated animation

Voice Activated Animation: Click here to play game (need a microphone)

Game: Increase the size and affect the colour of these Contiki characters using your voice.

Intent: Promoting speech and sound creation to help build muscles in the mouth.

For the Geeks:

I had wanted to control flash animations using the AS3 fft analysis but after some research on the web I found out that AS3 only allows you to do a fft analysis on loaded audio sources (ie mp3’s) and you cannot use  the ‘computeSpectrum’ function on a microphone input. Get it together ADOBE!

Here is a small work-around that works for me at this point. I am using the ‘activityLevel’ feature to calculate a mic input value and drive the animations accordingly. Also check out this posting on www.rockabit.com


~ by fighterfish on March 10, 2009.

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